About Me

My name is Eric (pronouns: he/him) and I’m passionate about the ways which food can open us up to and make us aware of connections we might take for granted: connections to food producers and growers; connections to the environment around us; connections to politics, power, and history; and connections to one another.

My background is in writing and editing; during my seven years as a PhD student, I founded and edited a leading open-access journal in my academic field, worked as a freelance copyeditor, and authored or co-authored numerous books and articles both in academia and in popular media.

My writing and artistic work has been featured in places such as CBC.ca, CNN.com, The Feminist Wire, Huffington Post, and CanadianArt.ca. I’ve also been writing on my own personal websites for some time, including articles that have gone ‘viral’, reaching more than 100k readers.

My writing here on Anise to Za’atar uses food to tell stories. These stories are personal, political, cultural and historical. Food is never just food.

More recently I have also ventured into food photography and recipe development, learning as I go along here on Anise to Za’atar. I am looking forward to exploring each of these avenues further, in collaboration with others who are interested in illuminating the connections and relationships that food reveal to us.

If you want to learn more about me and my past writing, you can visit www.ericritskes.com